Assistance With Raising Finance

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Assistance With Raising Finance

Companies throughout their life span will need to raise Finance. This can either be from applying for a loan from the traditional Financial Institutions in Ireland or this could be through various private equity firms which operate and offer finance/look to invest in Irish SMEs.


This can be a daunting and stressful time for any business owner as they continue to look after the day to day running of their business, while also compiling relevant information which has been requested to apply for Finance.

How can we help?

At Kieran Ryan & Co., our team will take the stress out of applying for Finance as we will assist the business in completing all relevant application forms, compiling all historical information as well as assisting in preparing financial forecasts, as well as cash flow forecasts which the financial institution may require.

Our Experience

Through out our time, we have built up relationships with key members of staff within the banks in Ireland, as well as having contacts with numerous private equity firms whoch will increase yoru chance in getting the right solution for you and your business.