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Our Tax Team headed up by Niall Heffernan has a vast amount of expertise and experience providing innovative tax advice which is always commercially driven. We ensure we have a full understanding of the business or personal context of the issue before we apply our skillsets to determine a solution or range of possible solutions. Our advice is practical and timely but always fully technically researched and carefully considered.


We provide tax advice in many contexts from individual projects or transactions to tax planning as part of an overall wealth management strategy. Our clients are big and small and our work can range from the most complex reorganisations or syndicated investment deals down to personal compliance and payment obligation issues.


Whatever the issue to hand we focus on the overall context first because tax is always a subset of a bigger picture. This provides a fresh perspective to what might have been looked on as a narrow tax issue. Once the issues are identified and understood we provide our advice in a focused and targeted manner to arrive at the optimal solution available.