Corporate Planning

Corporate Planning

How you run a corporate on a day to day basis but how you plan to run that corporate is even more important. The level of planning which is undertaken will determine the level of success which that corporate will have.


Corporate planning at the start-up stage of the business, but also at regular intervals throughout the lifespan of the business.

How can we help?

Our team at Kieran Ryan & Co., will provide you with an independent view of where we think your business will be heading, and also we will be take look at your business from an outsiders perspective and advise what we feel your business could do differently and areas where your business may require assistance.


To support your planning stage we will do the following:


  • Review your plans and advise what can be done differently.
  • Take an independent review of the industry the business will be operating in and advise steps to be taken.
  • For mature businesses, we will review past performance, review future plans and advise on other areas of opportunity that may be exploitable.

Our Experience

We have assisted many start-ups with how they plan to be a succesful businesses, but we have also been succesful in advising clients whos performance have remained steady, take a step back and begin to plan for the future with great success